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Ophelos Advisory Group

of'-el-os: Advantage, profit.  To heap up , i.e. accumulate or benefit.

With over fifteen years of executive search experience, NYC-based recruiter and career consultant Jeff Detweiler offers job-seekers a variety of programs to help you secure your next job, move into a new career or negotiate the salary you deserve.

Our signature program guides you through an eight-week process to identify your skills and use your networks to make a rewarding job transition or advance in your current career. 



Helping individuals and businesses achieve their hiring goals

Ophelos Advisory Group works offers strategic recruiting and executive coaching services with a focus on mid-career to senior-level executives.

We offer two different packages to prepare job-seekers to take control of their job search.

We focus on compliance and regulatory counsel within the banking and financial services industry.

About Us


Ophelos Advisory Group is led by Jeff Detweiler, an executive recruiter and career coach with over seventeen years’ experience in recruiting top talent for boutique asset managers in the financial services industry.

Ophelos is the root of the name Ophelia, who says in Act IV, Scene V of Hamlet: “Lord, we know what we are, but know not what we may be.”  What could we be, what could we become, if only we had the gifts of introspection, insight and time?


What People Say



Sr. Director, Project Management & Marketing


Senior Project Manager


Commerical Strategy Manager

Getting to where I wanted to go seemed impossible, but Jeff blended recruitment support with psychology to make the "impossible" happen within two months... one week prior to the goal date we had put on the calendar when we started to work together.

I accepted an offer with an agency and I'll be moving up in March! Thanks for all of your help, especially with advising me to focus on one industry versus scattering around.

I wanted to update you on my job search outcomes.  I got contacted by Amazon and Google, and landed a job at Amazon.  Now I'm preparing to join a big organization in a leadership role.  Thank you for the help you provided in my time of need.  Your pointers helped me immensely.

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